Radiant Light treatment

From the very first session your skin will improve in tone and texture. Working with vitamin C, it's a proven anti-oxidizer that will fight free radicals and perform as an instant celular renewer whenever you want to look radiant.

Hidroptimal H3 Bath

S.O.S. treatment for those dry skins, lacking the best and deepest hydration to keep the dermis active and protected. The agents that will help us in this task will be hyaluronic acid and cristal peeling, trace elements and selected equipment.

Weight loss treatments

- Cavitation + vibratory platform
- Cavitation + vibratory platform + radiofrequency

- Cavitation + vibratory platform + lipofit

- Cavitation + vibratory platform + specific training


- Relieving massage
- Lymphatic drainage

- Duo: Stretching + relaxing

- Treatment massage. ( Anti-cellulite, slimming, firming)

- Physical therapy

Renove skin pluss treatment

You'll completely renew your facial skin with out new treatment now at your disposal. Thanks to the micro dermabrasion with diamond point and the ultrasound peeling, we'll eliminate the most superficial part of your skin, refining your expression lines, spot clearing and
skin luminosity, along side the best range of products.

Facial treatment

- Facial detox.
- Intensive hydrating treatment.

- Oxygenating treatment.

- Sensitive skin treatment.

- Diamond tip.

- Radio frequency.

Body treatment

- Exotic peeling, argan oil 90´.
- Relaxing alchemy with green tea and red vine.

- Personalized treatment, wrappings, salts and muds, anti- cellulite, slimming, draining, detox, firming...

- Lipoft session. (Detox, slimming, regen, recovering)

- Cavitation.

- Radio frequency.








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